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Top Sirloin Cap or Picanha

Blue Bear Farm & Cattle Co., LLC

1 roast | Approx 2 lb @ $15.95/lb = $31.90 + $0.00 Assembly
1 roast | Approx 1.5 lb @ $15.95/lb = $23.93 + $0.00 Assembly

The top sirloin cap or picanha, as it's known in Brazil, is the triangular shaped muscle that covers the top sirloin. It is cut from the upper rump of the cow, also known as the “sirloin” portion of the cow. It is traditionally cooked with the fat cap up and attached, making this a juicy, savory, cut of beef that can be cut into 1 1/2" steaks, skewered and cooked on a rotisserie, grilled or cooked as a roast.

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