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We are a small family farm passionate about healing our soil, providing a humane environment for our Red Devon cattle, and producing nutrient-dense beef solely on grass.

Our cattle are gently handled, always respected and frequently named.   

The cattle at Blue Bear Farm live in a way that is consistent with their design.

Cattle are herbivores and naturally enjoy grazing, not just grass, but also herbs, flowers, clover and other legumes and forages collectively known as "pasture." We do not allow confined feeding, grain by-products or GMO plants.   We enjoy seeing our cattle grow and mature at their own natural pace in an environment in which they are well suited.   Raising cattle solely on pasture forages takes time, but adds flavor to the beef.  Not only is this practice better for the animals, it's better for the land and makes for a more healthful food source -- one that consumers can trace and have assurance that it does not contain toxic additives. 

The only fertilizer we use is that provided by our animals.  Their contribution constantly enriches the fertility of our soil.  This is important in restoring organic matter and ultimately, lowering carbon emissions.  By practicing rotational and adaptive grazing, we work to heal our pastures and capture carbon.   

Several studies have shown that grass fed beef has superior nutritional advantages including:  increased omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, D, E, & K2, and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).  Because it is more lean, it is generally lower in cholesterol, saturated fats and calories compared to beef fed and fattened on grain.  Read More


Why We Raise Red Devons

Red Devons are widely recognized as one of the best breeds to finish on grass.  They are gentle and easy keepers, have a strong maternal instinct and produce hearty flavorful beef.  Their natural docility, combined with their low stress lifestyle, gives our beef superior tenderness and flavor.  We trust you will find our Devon beef to be consistent with the motto of the breed:  Gourmet Beef on Grass   Read More

We raise our cattle from birth to finish.  This makes for a more humane and natural existence assuring a more healthful environment for our animals.  Our cattle are always grazing on our land and thereby contribute to the regeneration process of our soil and forages. 

Red Devons are a Livestock Conservancy heritage breed that flourish on grass and produce flavorful beef.  This breed is one of the oldest beef breeds in existence today developed over several centuries on the southwestern peninsula of England.  With the advent of the industrial model of confined feedlot operations after World War II, the breed fell out of favor.   We believe it is important to preserve the genetic diversity of heritage breed animals in part because of the many beneficial characteristics they bring to a homestead farm.  They are generally sturdier and more adaptable to local conditions, and tend to grow more slowly, compared to industrial hybrids, resulting in more delicious flavor and richer products.  

The assembly of our herd began in 2018 with the selection of cross and registered Devons from three separate herds from South Georgia to Virginia.  Our focus has been to introduce new genetics to develop a hardy, productive cow/calf operation to enable us to raise our beef naturally from birth to finish.  

And us ...

We are "next chapter" farmers enjoying the privilege of caring for these gentle creatures and working to restore the land we walk daily. We started with a sterile, chemically managed, weed-free hayfield and, with the help of our cattle, are witnessing the rejuvenation of our land and soil through an abundance of biodiversity.  Finding an earthworm is pure delight!

We strive to manage our land and animals in harmony with nature, and to give our farm dogs the best life possible! 

Thank you for being part of our journey. 

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