Summer grilling? Taste the difference with our hearty & delicious ground beef. More options coming soon!
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Blue Bear Farm & Cattle Co., LLC

1 roast | Approx 2 lb @ $15.95/lb = $31.90 + $0.00 Assembly

Tri-tip is a hefty roast! Cut from the bottom sirloin sub primal, the tri-tip is a triangular muscle with plenty of flavor. The cut is lean, but tender and rich in beefy flavor. Cooked right, it produces an unbelievably juicy slice of roast. You can grill or roast it whole, or cut it into individual steaks. Carve it in thin, cross-grained slices. (You will be charged based upon actual weight after your order has been assembled.)

We are proud to label all our beef as Animal Welfare Approved & Grassfed Certified by No artificial hormones, steroids, or antibiotics.

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