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From Livestrong.com, cow tongue offers some health advantages by increasing your iron and zinc consumption. Both iron and zinc maintain your health: zinc boosts your immune system to help your body fight infection; iron prevents anemia, a condition characterized by reduced oxygen transport, which causes fatigue. Iron also helps your cells produce energy, while zinc supports wound healing. A 3 ounce serving of simmered cow tongue contains 3.5 mg zinc, which contributes 44% toward the daily recommended zinc intake for women and 32% for men. Each portion of cooked cow tongue also boasts 2.2 mg of iron -- 28% and 12% of the daily iron intakes set for men and women, respectively. We are proud to label ALL our beef as Animal Welfare Approved & Grassfed Certified by AGreenerWorld.org. No artificial hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

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