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Chuck Mock Tender

Blue Bear Farm & Cattle Co., LLC

1 roast | Approx 2.5 lb @ $11.50/lb = $28.75 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock

The best ways to eliminate a mock tender roast's chewy texture is with either sous vide, or braise. With both techniques, for additional flavor and tenderizing, you can marinate the meat well before cooking it. An adventurous individual can experiment with different ingredients to bring out different flavors in this cut. You can also run it through the tenderizer machine to get a delicious and mouth-melting dish. Like all chuck cuts, if you also cook this cut well, it will exude a rich beefy flavor. This cut is perfect for making old-fashioned dishes like stew and pot roast. (You will be charged based upon actual weight at checkout. Let us know your size preference and we will try to accommodate you.)
We are proud to label ALL our beef as Animal Welfare Approved & Grassfed Certified by AGreenerWorld.org. We never use any artificial hormones or antibiotics in our beef.

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